What to do with 1 iPad?

My practicum placement was a great challenge as I had a class with a number of students with ADHD.  These students were easily disrupted and required a great deal of effort to keep them on track.  These students were often reward or distracted with game playing on the one iPad. My challenge was to consider ways in which I could use this resource to engage and enhance learning. I decided to explore the internet for some assistance and discovered that I was not the only one who has sought such help.  I came across a blog by mikaelaellis entitled ADHD & ICT which was very helpful.  I was rather impressed with my improvement in searching as my search terms were ‘ADHD & ICT’, resulting in this fabulous blog.

Not only does this blog connect the reader with great theory to support the assertions of the author but there are numerous links to helpful sites.  The main premise of this blog is that ICTs are very beneficial for students with ADHD, specifically the use of computers or iPads to support and demonstrate learning.

I have found this very valuable and well worth the look especially if you have students with diverse needs in your class.



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