ICT Resource List

I shall keep my comments short and simple as Mrs Young has eloquently given us plenty of information and tips to satisfy in her ICT Resouce List Blog Well done and thank you. This is a great blog for preservice prac teachers and teachers alike.

Mrs Young's ICT Endeavours

So I thought I would compile a list of ICT resources I used on prac. Over the three weeks I taught English (every day), Maths (x 2 lessons) Geography (x3) Smart Moves (half an hour of outside time every second day) and the vocabulary program implemented within the school (3 times a week).

In each of these lessons at least some element of ICT was implemented. Due to the limited resources and the brutality of getting a booking in the computer lab (you had to beg, borrow and steal) the ICTs I used during professional experience were limited in terms of what I would prefer to do. E.g. reality hit. Too long I’ve been given the chance to ‘describe my own context.’ Each student getting their own laptop (ha) a large quantity of iPads (hahahahaha) and reliable internet connection (biggest laugh of all). But I DID implement ICTs and by…

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