Exploration 3 into ICT integration – Art




I have discovered that the internet provides an abundance of freely available programs and content for use in the study of art.  A particularly helpful site I have happened upon is www.crayola.com It provides a program for creating digital images using some tools that would be familiar to young children.  It also provides colouring pages (although I am not a fan of template artwork, they are useful for relaxation and colour exploration).

Of particular interest to me as a preservice teacher are the resources for teachers.  They have a great selection of lesson plans, some of which are integrated with other KLA’s.  If you are interested in visiting this site the link is here.

Please note that this site is heavily branded and I am conscious of the issues of fair competition and am not advocating this site for branding purposes.  I would also suggest that teacher’s who use this site for their class have a conversation with their students around the influence of product branding.  Finding incidental opportunities to have critical literacy discussions, such as this is I feel, a valuable part of a teacher’s role.

More art and creative fun can be found in this link to a list created by Danny Nicholson, a teacher with an interest in ICT’s.


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