Integrating ICT’s with Numeracy. Exploration 1 into ICT integration with KLA’s.

maths 3      KLA – Mathematics

The integration of ICT’s into all KLA’s is a key focus in my current search for resources.  This brings about a new batch of KLA specific discoveries, the first of which I will share here.  Happy Numbers is a new interactive maths resource for early years.  It looks to be quite valuable as it operates with a range of devices including chromebooks, interactive whiteboards and tablets.  This seems to offer some more features than other programs I have seen as it is flexible, enabling the teacher to select options which customise activities according to student and class needs.  Happy Numbers provides a range of activities that facilitates learning of foundational concepts.  This is supported with targeted feedback, visuals and animations, making it an engaging resource.

happy numbers match


The good news is that there is a free account option available.  They also have a blog which contains valuable posts about the teaching of numeracy with ICT’s in lower year levels.

Happy Numbers blog




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