There has to be an easier way to find images I can use.

Vital to the teaching and using of ICT is the understanding and application of ethical use principles and laws.  Perhaps one of the most frequently encountered situations with regards to this is the issue of copy write.  Teachers and students are heavy users of content from the internet and require at times to reproduce this content in various forms.  It can sometimes be very difficult to find what we need from the Creative Commons site.  Whilst endeavouring to uncover an easier and more thorough way to find content that is freely available for use, I discovered a blog from one of my favourite bloggers whiteboard blog.  It seems that Google have now included a filter through which you can find content that is available for use for a variety of purposes.  This includes creative commons but seems to be more comprehensive than this.  When searching for an image, simply click on search tools and then select usage rights.  There are more in depth instructions on this blog.




4 thoughts on “There has to be an easier way to find images I can use.

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    I have been having the same thoughts every time I have been looking for images (for other assignments). This post by a fellow preservice teacher explains it very easily along with a website for more in depth instruction…
    Since then, I have been using the google images search which under it has a ‘search tools’ section. This allows you to refine your search in multiple ways! But for this purpose you then head across to ‘usage rights’ and a list of various usage right options appear.. To select an image which you can reuse and modify in assignment contexts select ‘noncommercial reuse with modification’. This is a handy way to skip all the confusing creative commons stuff!

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