Socrative – an interactive student response system

Following my previous blog around students engaging with their devices and the IWB, I excitedly began considering many opportunities for this type of technology.  I could immediately see the benefits in terms of engagement, but so too the benefits related to curriculum delivery and pedagogy.   As I continued to explore such ideas I came across Socrative.  This is a very exciting program and I can see much potential for its use in the classroom.  Perhaps the most promising is the “Space Race” feature;  teachers can create virtual teams of students who compete to finish tasks or quizzes to move their rocket along the IWB and win the Space Race.  Another fabulous feature of Socrative is  “Exit Tickets“.  This feature provides the teacher with valuable feedback data as students complete questions such as “today I learned….”  and “tomorrow I need….” as they finish their lesson.  This information is automatically generated in report form for the teacher.  Valuable real time data such as this would prove a real asset for beginning teachers and experienced teachers alike.


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