Blooming good idea

As my knowledge and skills are developing in the use of ICT’s, I am finding that I am at that exciting (but sometimes overwhelming) stage of considering classroom implementation.  I am noting a pattern emerging.  Step 1 I discover something new (eg, iPads) and excitement and ideas strike. Step 2 I realise how much I still have to learn about the device or technology.  Step 3 My confidence grows but I am looking for a place to start.  Step 4 The second guessing kicks in as I begin to feel overwhelmed by choices.  Step 5 Find some help Step 6 Back on track and start planning use around curriculum requirements.

If you too are considering using iPads in classrooms, here is some connectivism in action.  Check out  this blog Creative ICT – it provides some great tips on iPad basics, answers many questions and links you to  some great resources to help you along your journey. The most impressive for me was the Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads.  This really triggered my thinking, it was a ‘light bulb moment’ that I am sure will lay the foundation for quality teaching using ICT’s.

Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 19.29.09


Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads [Image]. (2014). Retrieved from



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