Searching for answers………….


The World Wide Web is a vast source of information and it this immense amount of knowledge that makes it so useful, it also seems that the enormity this presents creates challenges.  A book with few pages contains limited information but it is easy to search for and locate this information.  It seems to me that opposite may be true for the internet, at least for some.  Thus, I began thinking about what I need to know about using and searching the internet. I set off on a new mission; to discover how to discover!  It turns out that the feeling of being overwhelmed by information is not particular to me, it is a real thing!  In fact it is referred to in this article by Taha as “information overload, or information search anxiety”.  Taha discusses this and provides an e-literacy model that aims to provide us with the very things for which I was searching, a how to guide.  My mind began to swirl with possibilities as I read and considered the role that such a model could play in the classroom and as a tool in my pedagogical tool kit.

Here it is again:  Knowledge Maps for E-Literacy in ICT-Rich Learning Environments  Ahmed Taha


Taha, A. (2006). Knowledge maps for e-literacy in ICT-rich learning environments. Journal                   of Library \& Information Services in Distance Learning, 2(4), 67–78.

Searching [Image]. (2014). Retrieved from


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