Time to step things up.

The world of ICT’s is very familiar to most children in schools (and mine at home), so I decided to explore some of their world.  This decision took me on a search of a way to make animated videos as I could see the benefits of such use in a classroom setting.  A quick Google search uncovered Goanimate , a website that enables you to make your own video.  I found it to be quite user friendly with the added bonus that you could create a 30 second video for free.  I therefore set to work, ICT Genie ensued.  Check it out, it only took 2 hours to create a 30 second movie (and an added half an hour to figure out what to do with it once I had finished). There is also Goanimate for schools – however an account and payment is required for that site.  This was quite an enjoyable activity, although quite time consuming I have discovered that ICT skill development is certainly a cumulative process.  The more you give it a go, the more you learn and the less time it takes you on your new discovery.  I hope you enjoy my video.




6 thoughts on “Time to step things up.

  1. I love your mentioning of “ICT skill development [as] a cumulative process”! Like yourself, I feel like I constantly have to go back and revise prior knowledge before I can learn something more. It all adds up and the silver lining is, if integrated well, you never do forget this ‘new knowledge’. 🙂 I’ll definitely quote you on that, in a future post.

  2. This is a great video Margie, I am amazed at how much free technology there is available to use. I hope it starts taking less time the more we use it because at the moment I am really slow at everything and then when I go to do it again I have forgotten what I did and have to start from scratch. I am really identifying with Dory from Finding Nemo at the moment.

    1. Thanks Anne, it was a bit rushed but it gave me some great ideas for the use of such technology in the classroom. ICT’s really open up opportunities for endless creativity and we are all striving to include those higher order thinking skills in our classroom. Create is up the top, so I can really see how ICT can help us to help our students think.

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