I am not alone.

It is easy to feel that I am the only one struggling with the process of engaging with these new technologies. I look around me in class and see many bright eyes on young faces, faces that seem at ease with the requirements of this ICT subject. The differences between us become instantly apparent to me and as my eyes scour the room for someone who looks like they know what they are doing; someone who will not judge me for my slow uptake and silly questions. My eyes settle upon someone whose face looks just as unsure as mine, someone else who may feel as old as the hills and remarkably out of touch. I decide to turn to Google to find some tips for managing this ‘generation gap’ of ICT comfortability and I find two videos. I find great solace in this the first video; did you hear a click as it reminds me that my relationship with ICT’s is not tentative as I might think, that I am not as ‘old’ as I feel and that I do have some skills. Humour is a great teacher and I found that I was literally LOLing. The second video Kids of today also made LOL and gave some context to my perceptions of self-efficacy. This really isn’t about my ability, only about my level of experience. The only way to change my level of experience is to get out there and jump right in. So now with a renewed motivation – I’m off. Stay posted for my next discovery.


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