On becoming a Connectivist.

I am a people person, I love to be around people, talk with people and experience life with other people. The idea of Connectivism, therefore, sits well with me and I can see the advantages that this theory of teaching and learning offer to me. An example of this has already presented itself in my first ever post, where I was helped along my journey through the interaction of a peer. Such interactions will prove to be not only rewarding, but essential. In this instance, through this course I will be both a student and a teacher of Connectivism. I have begun my exploration into the world of ICT’s and although having only just set off, already I am finding that the theory of Connectivism is a sound travel guide. As with any journey I am seeking great things to experience and from which to learn. I shall be posting links to my discoveries in my blogs and I encourage you to share in this journey with me. One of my first discoveries is a slide share presentation by Stephen Downes who provides great practical tips against a theoretical background for both the Connectivist learner and teacher.


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