A first time for everything!

So here I am writing my first blog. I set off for this journey full of hope and reticence. It began with great difficulty, I couldn’t get WordPress to give me a blog! I kept clicking around and around in circles, hoping somehow that doing the same thing over and over again would work. It didn’t. The old adage “do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got”, somehow escaped me. My usual logical mind was for some reason not coping in this new technological realm. My stress levels were rising, along with my frustration which served to lower my perception of self-efficacy in this field. This is my challenge; to breath and believe. Believe that I can do this just like I learned to all the other things that were a first for me. I am here now writing this blog, so I must have figured it out – right! Not quite, I asked for help. Thanks to Anne Sutton who showed me the one little step I was missing – changing my cyclic clicking and landing me here. Friends will be my best resource I feel as I face this challenge. I’m off to check out Anne’s Blog – you should too!


5 thoughts on “A first time for everything!

  1. That is a spectacular design Margie. just something you whipped up in a feew spare minutes? I wonder where Anne got the information, or is it that she is ICT savvy and we never knew it?

    1. Thanks Steve, I came upon the design quite by accident as a result of numerous glitches in the beginning stages of my blog creation. I think that Anne is better at this game than even she suspects.

  2. I love your work Margie and I love reading your blogs. I myself feel that sense of going around in circles. I think that looking at other people blogs gives me some inspiration and ideas on future blogs and ICT’s that we can use in the classrooms.
    I look forward to seeing more of your blogs.

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